Sundar Pichai: From Metallurgy to IT

Pichai Sundarajan, also known as Sundar Pichai, is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Google. He donned this hat in 2015 while the company was being restructured and Alphabet Inc. because its parent company. This celebrated computer scientist was born in India, but presently resides in America.

Brief Profile: History, Life and Career

Pichai was born in the year 1972 in Chennai to an electrical engineer father. The family lived in a small home but received good education. From a young age Sundar Pichai had a brilliant memory and showed interest in technology. He got a degree in Metallurgy along with a silver medal in Stanford University. He did his MBA from Wharton School, Pennsylvania University. He worked for McKinsey & Co before joining Google in 2004. He started as the product development and management head. Initially he started work on the Google toolbar and later on got involved in Chrome which belongs to Google. This was released in 2008. He became the vice-president by 2012 and the product chief two years later. Pichai stayed with Google in spite of receiving offers from Twitter and Microsoft. Later in 2014 he became the CEO when the mother company was created.

Sundar Pichai: Interesting facts

Winner of Science Talent Search

Pichai won the National Talent Search Examination when he was in high school in India.

Scholar student

He is a Siebel Scholar. It is a program which hunts for the best students in computer science, energy science, business and bio engineering in Japan, China, the USA, Italy and France.

Part of IT Indian trio

Pichai is one of the three Indians who head the top offices in IT worldwide. Satya Nadela i9s the CEO of Microsoft and Shiva Nadar is the chairman of HCL.

Brainy CEO

Sundar Pichai has an extremely sharp memory and can remember any phone number that he has dialed.

Updated the phone market

Pichai is responsible for creating the Android operating systems Jelly Bean, Lollipop and KitKat which have revolutionized the Android phone market.


Creator of the Google drive

The much-used Google drive which many start-up companies swear by, was created by Sundar Pichai. He also founded the Google video code and the Gmail app. He also started the Google Chrome browser which was not taken very seriously at the initial stages. Today it is the most used web browser in the world.

Mismatched studies

Pichai studies Metallurgy which is not even remotely connected with IT. He had even started working as an engineer but eventually dropped out. Finally his MBA in Wharton University changed his luck and took him towards Google to which he has stuck for so many years.

Sports lover

Pichai is at the top of the IT world but he used to be a sports fan in his earlier days. He was an avid chess and soccer lover and also a cricket fan when he was in school.

Soft spoken person

Sundar Pichai is a very soft spoken man who stays away from politics. He is in fact extremely popular with his employees at Google and is considered very much down to earth by his colleagues.

Worked with Larry

Pichai had been the Larry Page’s right hand for many years. He initially had convinced Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp against selling it to Facebook. He had also convinced Tony Fadell of Nest to merge the company with Google.

Personal Life

Sundar Pichai had married to Anjali Pichai. Anjali and Sundar were classmates at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. The couple has two children one daughter and one son.

Sundar Pichai: From Metallurgy to IT
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